Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Camping at Big Lake!

We went on a fishing trip to Big Lake up north last weekend and Tanner caught his first fish! He waited and waited and finally got one. He reeled it in all by himself and was so excited.

All together we caught a total of 44 fish! It was the coldest trip I've ever been on and the boys all stunk like fish. It was really fun and exciting for Tanner. He tells everyone about his first fish.


  1. Cute pictures I'm glad you're finally blogging :)

  2. About FREAKIN time you got a blog and joined the rest of the world!!!!! Cute pics, I would have loved to see Tanner- he is such great entertainment :) Miss you and Love you guys see you next month at the beach!!!!!

  3. Yeah! You started your blog! Cute pictures. I can't believe you caught 44 fish...did you eat them all?

    Tanner looks so much like you. He's adorable! How old is he? I can't wait to see MORE of you and your family! :)

    Can I meet you at the beach? (that sounds SO NICE!) ... and it's been so freakin' long since we've seen each other!!! I'm still hoping to make it there this summer. I'd love to get together. talk to you soon...

  4. I love your one and only post! You should do some more! Tanner is so darn cute!